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Cold Scarfing Machines

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A typical "cold" scarfing machine package as supplied by L-TEC includes not only the machine itself and its related auxiliaries, but also the benefit of more than 70 years of successful experience in every phase of mechanized scarfing to assist in planning, commissioning and maintaining the equipment. All machines and equipment are ruggedly built to ensure dependable service under severe operating conditions.

L-TEC’s cold scarfing machines are remotely controlled machines which are designed for mounting on rails transverse to the roll table and can be retracted from the roll table line by the operator to facilitate servicing the machine. These machines are capable of scarfing steel in a broad range of temperatures, from ambient to hot rolling temperature (21°C/70°F - 1092°C/2000°F). Two types of machine are available: "overhead" machines for scarfing the top and one edge of a slab in one pass, and "pass-through" machines for scarfing the four sides of slabs in a single pass. The recommended minimum length slab to be scarfed with "overhead" machines is 4.2 meters (13.8 feet), and with the "pass-through" machines is 5 meters (16.4 feet) in order to ensure good slab transport while scarfing. This also minimizes the number of starts required, conserves gas, and makes high production rates possible. The mill provides smoke cleaning and slag removal facilities required for production operation.

Many features are standard in the versatile machines which make up L-TEC’s line of cold scarfing machines, such as: self-sizing, automatic oxygen and fuel gas valving, cross-fire slag water jets, and EPC control systems (for more information on EPC control, click here). Many customer specific options are also available with all of our Cold Scarfing Machines; including heavy corner removal, HMI (Human Machine Interface) – PLC systems that can communicate with level 1, 2, & 3 computer systems, end start or near-end start scarfing units, and our patented smooth surface finish [patent no. 6,174,491] (For more information on smooth surface preheat blocks, click here).


The CM - 69 machine is a rugged, overhead type machine, which will simultaneously scarf the top, and one edge of cold or warm continuous-cast or rolled slabs.
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The CM 90 is a pass-through type machine that simultaneously scarfs all four sides of cold, warm, or hot continuous-cast or rolled slabs.
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