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L-TEC Education

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At L-TEC, we believe we can only achieve excellence by supporting our products and services with top quality training, and we provide this with every machine installation.

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Electronic Process Control

A combination of gauges, valves, regulators and transducers continuously monitor, regulate, and inform the operator, of the flow of gases to the scarfing machine.
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Machine Scarfing Developments - Whitepaper

Please read our paper: "Machine Scarfing Developments and Processes for the Modern Steel Industry" to better understand the benefits of more recent developments in scarfing.
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Smooth Surface Preheat Blocks

Scarfing oxygen exiting from the slot formed by the upper and lower preheat blocks must be uniform across its width and shielded against the aspiration of air into the stream to provide an efficient, uniform, and smooth metal removal.
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Why Scarf With L-TEC Scarfers?

L-TEC Steel Industry Products manufactures custom mechanized scarfing systems tailored to customer requirements.
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