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L-TEC Builds Machine for Taiwan's Dragon Steel

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L-TEC Builds Machine for Dragon Steel in Taiwan

L-TEC Steel Industry Products has shipped a new CM-90 slab scarfing machine to Dragon Steel Corporation in Taiwan.

Dragon Steel Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation, which is Taiwan’s largest steel producer.

The L-TEC CM-90 slab scarfing machine was manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA. The machine is being installed at Dragon Steel’s Taichung Works in central Taiwan. China Steel Corporation operates four additional L-TEC scarfing machines at their Kaohsiung, Taiwan plant.

L-TEC Steel Industry Products is a division of ESAB Welding & Cutting Products. Since 1935, L-TEC has been a leader in the development of scarfing products and processes. For more information, visit