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CM-69 Cold Scarfing Machine

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The CM-69 machine is a rugged, overhead type machine, which will simultaneously scarf the top, and one edge of cold or warm continuous-cast or rolled slabs. For high production, it is desirable to employ two machines in any one of several possible arrangements. For lower tonnages, a single machine may be employed. In either case, slabs must be turned over between passes if all four sides are to be scarfed. The CM-69 machine automatically adjusts itself to the proper size and gas coverage required by the thickness of slab to be scarfed. Gas coverage to suit the slab width is controlled from the operator’s pulpit. A patented feature permits making starts at the end of clean, flat slabs, which have a square, uniform end; such as flame cut, continuously cast slabs, if they are suitably located. This means no part of the slab need be left unscarfed after the slab is turned over and the remaining two sides are scarfed.

Four sizes of the type CM-69 machine are available. The capacity ranges are shown in the following table:

Machine Model Thickness Width
CM-69-6 76 to 548 mm
(3 to 21-9/16 in.)
400 to 1633 mm
(15-5/8 to 64-15/16 in.)
CM-69-7 76 to 548 mm
(3 to 21-9/16 in)
400 to 1905 mm
(15-5/8 to 75 in.)
CM-69-8 76 to 548 mm
(3 to 21-9/16 in)
650 to 2177 mm
(25-1/2 to 85-11/16 in)
CM-69-9 76 to 548 mm
(3 to 21-9/16 in)
800 to 2448 mm
(32-1/2 to 96-3/8 in.)