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Other Special Steel Industry Products

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L-TEC Steel Industry Products offers several special industry-specific options.

Cutting Torches and Scarfing Torches

ESAB does business in the steel and other heavy industries as L-TEC Steel Industry Products Division.
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Dross Removal Equipment

L-TEC offers a line of Slab Deburring Systems. This equipment removes the Burr (Dross, Beard) after torch cutting of steel slabs.
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Gas Regulation Panels

OSHA-approved regulation stations for use with oxy-fuel torches are available in two or three outlet, standard flow or high flow versions for portable or permanent gas distribution. The panels include all valves, safety devices and filters for reliable long life.
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Automatic Powder Dispensers

The OXWELD automated iron powder dispenser is designed for general powder cutting operations.
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AOD Tuyeres

L-TEC tuyeres have been redesigned for high-performance in your AOD vessel.
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AB Oxy-Fuel Burners

L-TEC Oxy-Fuel Burners provide a versatile source of primary or auxiliary heat for many industrial processes.
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Hi-Capacity Regulators

L-TEC High Capacity Industrial Gas Regulators are used in process control operations found in steel mills, foundries, and other industrial applications where the control of high capacity gas flow is required. High capacity and extra-high capacity regulator applications include, machine scarfing, furnace operations, heavy cutting, lancing and heating. Other applications might include high gas flow requirements for processes where oxygen, fuel gas or inert gas is used.
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