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CM-88 Spot Scarfing Machine

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The CM-88 spot scarfing machine consists of a single structure mounted on rails parallel to a row of stationary slabs, and the scarfing travel motion is supplied through a high performance, electronically controlled drive motors. The scarfing units are mounted on up to three separate carriages; an edge unit carriage and two top unit carriage, which can be mechanically latched together. For spot scarfing passes on the top surface, the two carriages are unlatched and indexed laterally across the slab. Process fluids are brought to the machine through specialized hose transport devices, and regulation equipment for these fluids is located on the machine proper.

For maximum operator comfort and visibility, a fully enclosed, climate-controlled operator’s cab is supplied and fitted with special glass so that the operator can observe the scarfing reaction. Movement of the operator’s cab is only longitudinally in the direction of scarfing.

Three sizes of the type CM-88 machine are available. The capacity ranges are shown in the following table:

Machine Model Thickness Width
CM-88-1 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
125 to 210mm
(4-15/16 to 8-1/4 in.)
CM-88-2 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
CM-88-4 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
125 to 840 mm
(4-15/16 to 33 in.)