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CM-98 Band-Pass Scarfing Machine

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CM-98 is a band pass scarfing machine that can scarf all four sides of continuous-cast or rolled slabs, or selectively scarf in any combination of 210 mm (8.25 in.) increments up to the full capacity of the machine. The machine is intended for scarfing cold, warm or hot slabs from ambient to hot rolling temperature (21°C/70°F to 1092°C/2000°F). It is capable of making end starts from the leading edge on flat, square cut, continuous-cast slabs; otherwise conventional or near-end starts in from the leading edge of unsheared, hot rolled slabs are available. Scarfing units for the top, bottom and edge surfaces are individually selectable; producing either individual band passes or complete surface scarfing.

Five sizes of the type CM-98 machine are available. The capacity ranges are shown in the following table:

Machine Model Thickness Width
CM-98-8 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
630 to 1680 mm
(24-13/16 to 66 in.)
CM-98-9 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
630 to 1890 mm
(24-13/16 to 74-1/4 in.)
CM-98-10 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
840 to 2100 mm
(33 to 82-1/2 in.)
CM-98-11 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
840 to 2310 mm
(33 to 90-3/4 in.)
CM-98-12 125 to 420 mm
(4-15/16 to 16-1/2 in.)
1050 to 2520
(41-1/4 to 99 in.)