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CM-37B Cutting Carriage

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The CM-37B is a portable, heavy-duty machine carriage for straight-line operation. It is a prime mover for equipment used in flame cutting, flame treating, plate-edge preparation, and electric welding. The CM-37B carries up to 500 lbs (225 kg) of equipment.

  • Versatile - easily portable, can be mounted on a precision track, or used on a standard S 10 X 25.4 I-beam, or operated directly on the work piece.
  • Powerful - permanent magnet motor allows machine to drag cables or hose up to 150 feet.
  • Anti-backlash - adjustable drag brake to maintain a constant minimum load in both directions
  • Dual clutch levers - located at front and rear for operator convenience
  • Pre-tapped mounting holes - for a variety of equipment mounting configurations

CM-37B-with-SM-2-Vertical-Torch-Drive-SmThe CM-37B can be used in combination with fixed-position, manually adjustable, or motorized horizontal and vertical cross-beam arrangements such as the SM-2 and SM-3 as illustrated to the left.

CM-37B (with options) Shown Cutting Tundish