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CM-63 Continuous Cast Cut-Off Machine

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Slab cut-off machines for in-line flame cutting into slabs during continuous casting process.  These heavy-duty machines are ideal compliments to scarfing machine installations.

The machine consists of a motor driven gantry which includes main frame, supported on four wheels.  These rotate on shafts mounted in heavy duty tapered roller bearings.  The gantry carries with it all oxygen, fuel gas, air and water piping and controls.  It also includes an operator’s push-button station for functions which require operation at the machine.  Slag granulation jets and their controls are also included on this assembly as are all the easily removable water-cooled heat shields and if used, the conveniently located measuring wheel assembly.

CM_63_Aerial_view_smallMounted on this gantry is an easily removable cross beam assembly which includes critical items such as right and left hand cutting carriage assemblies, right and left hand clamp carriage assemblies, clamp cylinders, etc.  This assembly has two large tapered pins for location on the main gantry.  It also has quick disconnects for fluids and electrics.  This assembly allows for easy replacement of complete beam assemblies.

CM 63-Cutting
Dual CM-63 Continuous Cast Cut-Off Machine