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SM-10 Heavy-Duty Cutting Machine

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The SM-10 represents more than half a century of experience in the development, design, and production of a wide range of gas apparatus.  It is a versatile, heavy-duty machine for the cutting of scrap such as ladle buttons, skulls, spills, and salamanders to furnace charging size.  It can also be used to cut standard steel mill products such as billets, blooms, heavy plate, slabs, forgings, and ingots, to the desired size.  In fact, the selection of torches and nozzles offered for the use with the SM-10 can be combined to cut almost any product. 

sm-10The basic SM-10 unit is readily adaptable for powder cutting of alloys, non-ferrous metals, and steel containing non-metallic inclusions.  It is equally adaptable for moving heavy heating, welding and other special equipment at finely regulated speeds.  The SM-10 can be tailored to meet customer specifications for most cutting, welding and heating operations, and for many special equipment setups. Options include double torches on a swivel bracket for making two cuts at one time in either direction, water cooling for hot cutting applications, and remotely controlled single or multiple machines.