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L-TEC Products

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L-TEC Steel Industry Products is a world-leading manufacturer of mechanized scarfing machines, heavy industry cutting machines, and other related equipment.

Hot Scarfing Machines

L-TEC hot scarfing machines remove surface defects from slabs, blooms, and billets at or near rolling temperature.
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Cold Scarfing Machines

L-TEC cold scarfing machines remove surface defects from cast slabs at ambient temperature and up to 1400° F / 760° C.
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Spot and Band-Pass Scarfing Machines

L-TEC band-pass scarfing machines remove defects in individually selected bands and specific areas of cast slabs and large blooms.
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Steel Industry Cutting Machines

L-TEC has a complete line of steel mill slitting and cut-off machines. The machines depicted are a "standard" line of heavy duty cutting machines. 
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Other Special Steel Industry Products

L-TEC Steel Industry Products offers several special industry-specific options. 
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